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Thank you for being part of the test audience of G.O.T.G. Designs!

This project came to be from a 365Project a year ago, and the want to create cards with a theatre influence, both for those in the theatre and supporters of it. The designs range from cards showcasing, Orville, the cartoon actor who relives the life of performers, to stark black and white drawings featuring theatre spaces.

What does G.O.T.G. stand for?

Girl on the Go! One year at a White Elephant Gift Exchange party, I picked a wrapped present that some thought I might not like. Of course, on opening it up, I fell in love with a bag adorned with pink ribbon. I began calling it my "Girl-on-the-Go" bag, and soon received the nickname, "GOTG."

Below is a sampling of the cards designed. These are original drawings, with some augmentation digitally. Each card will also have the G.O.T.G. Logo on the back.

Also, each of the card can be customized with the inside quote, and can be embellished on the cover with metallic ink, glitter, and/or anything you and I can come up with.

What I need from you!

With this test audience what I'm looking for is the future of these cards:

- It the artwork good?

- Are the designs funny, unique, moving?

- Is there a market for these cards?

There is a survey below for you to fill in, to help give me a better idea on how to improve the product.

Thank you again for helping me move forward on a dream project!

Blank Cards

These classic Black and White designs can be left blank to place your own special message, or you can choose a special quote or a line from your favorite shot to be place inside.


Get Well Soon!

Happy Valentine's Day

Thinking of You

Happy Birthday!


These cards are a square card design. Also, all four images can be combined on the cover.


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